Unique Beds

With the development in the field of furniture a vast change has been noticed in terms of specially designed items. One of such items has been the Unique Beds. As per the name suggests, these kinds of bed are special as compared to ordinary beds and they vary in characteristics as well. There was a time when beds of this category were specially designed for various celebrities, but in this era of globalization, anyone with a heavier wallet can fulfill his\her desire of sleeping on the unique bed. A unique bed can transform your ordinary bedroom into a super bedroom as it would attract the spotlight towards itself and might impress your girlfriend a bit more than what you usually do. Jokes apart, the unique beds can be the reason why your live-in partner would not leave the room ever even if a fight occurs.

Unique BedsThere are a number of different formats of the beds if searched in the market. One may choose the one that would fulfill the desire of the person. The different types of Unique Beds found are mentioned below:

•    Private cloud: These beds generally look like giant rocking chairs and are not normal beds from any aspect and it also takes a bit more space than any of the normal beds. The main attraction of this bed would be its capability to offer new experiences to any couple.

•    Feel sofa: These beds allow you to feel the universe itself as the shape of the bed

Has got the inspiration from the enhanced mode of the molecular structure, which in turn is the regular form of each and every object in the universe. For making a bed like this, the makers have used around 120 sofa balls which are covered with the elastic fabric. The bed is a very distinct one and can be of great enjoyment to any playful person as its structure allows in creating multiple forms.

•    Ceiling beds: 4 square meters is all that was kept in mind while designing this kind. For a person living in a small space saving as little space as 4 square meters are no less than gold and ceiling beds do the exact work. It has been designed in such a manner that the bed can be stored on the ceiling during the day and at night the bed can be brought down as an elevator does. The under-surface of the bed acts as a ceiling with the integrating light possibility. Besides its function, the bed has got a clean and elegant design which would make over the look of your bedroom into a classic one.

•    Bed case: There was a movie where it was shown that the showcase transformed itself into a bed as soon as the protagonist activated it through a remote. But, it was all fiction. Yes, it ‘was’, now it is quite possible to transform a bookcase into a bed as a unique bed has come to the market which would do the same. The combination of the bookcase\bed, help to maximize space and also provides the walls with an extra pop of color. These beds are of great features and characteristics, but the person who wants to own a bed like this must have enormous patience as it would come to test every morning during making up the bed.

•    Hi Can: It is another kind of unique bed, designed by the Italian designer, Mr. Edoardo Carlino. These beds offer you not only relaxation, but also the facilities to surf the internet, watch movies, play games and listen to music at any time while having the comfort of the bed. This is a bed which provides you with a lot of technologies at your fingertips. A projector, a sound system, a projection screen, a DVD player and all the relevant input are built in along with the bed.

These beds are unlike normal beds and consist of additional characteristics and features which has classified them into a category named ‘unique beds’. The unique beds are of more types and latest products are hitting the mark everyday and those are highly advanced than the previous ones. One has got an entire market to choose from and decorate his bedroom in a classic form.

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